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Featured Article Second Color

  • Update

I've made some progress and I have got it partialy working it's a very complex system I'll get it working soon. The shadow on the template has some issuses thou now so color2 property must contain #FFFFFF or it will turn the shadow off.

  • Origonal

I've began work on the second color feature at the moment it doesn't work, also I can't promiss it will work. Please disregard this function if you are a mod also please disregard this message if you aren't a mod.

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Update On CSS

I have just finished some updates to the CSS of many templates. Please report any glitches where they look extremely awkward. I have tested the new css in Apple Safari, Mozilla Firefox, and Opera. Some pages may look different because of how the browsers handle things differently. Over the next few days I will be writing up how to convert your signatures and templates to work with all browsers so they look the same all the time.

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