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About usEdit

The Regulators is a clan founded by CoolUpdate on June the 5th 2010. Its aim is to make a fun and enjoyable experience for its clan members and help other clans in times of war. The leader CoolUpdate has many objectives which he would like to accomplish, including a working clan industry with a strong mix between skilling and combat, many powerful alliances which the clan can benefit from, lots of clan members and maybe a clan POC. But first clan the clan must gain more members.

The Regulators

High Command (ATM)




Total Members


Clan HQ

Falador Bar (Rising sun inn)

Clan Chat


Combat Requirements (F2P)


Clan High Command Uniform

Obsidian Cape

Normal Clan Uniform

Any any black cape (not obsidian)

Recent NewsEdit

  • 5/5/10- The Regulators are formed by CoolUpdate and some of his friends.
  • 7/5/10- The Regulators elect CoolUpdate as their leader (5 votes).
  • 11/5/10- Clan put on wiki.

Clan HistoryEdit

The FormationEdit

The Formation During a trip to clan wars CoolUpdate and his mates form a clan named "The Regulators". At first it was only a clan wars clan for messing about in wars but because we liked reading about clans in unions we thought we would make it official. And so The Regulators were formed.

The State of playEdit

At the moment we only have 18 members (I tell the truth unlike most clans) but we hope to expand our reaches and hope to be as powerful as Kaiser Blade was.

Clan Government and StructureEdit


The current Regulators government is a Direct Democracy, In our Clan:

  • Everyone has a vote.
  • All high ranked members (captain +) can put in their name for leader.
  • Right to free speech. (put your own views on subjects)


Our Clan is made up of:

  • High Command - Leader and two sub-leaders of choice (General).
  • The High Council - Consists of five trusted people to help make decisions (Captain).
  • The Low Council - Consists of clan moderators (Lieutenants).
  • The rest of the ranks are gained from activity in the clan.
    • Sergeants - Highly active and trustworthy members.
    • Corporals - Active member.
    • Private - New Member.


Combat SquadronEdit

Made up of:Edit

  • Rangers.
  • Magers.
  • Melee fighters.

Skilling SquadronEdit

You guessed it!Edit

  • Miners.
  • Lumberjacks.
  • Crafters.
  • Weapon and armour smiths.
  • Etc

Leadership SquadronEdit

The Leaders.Edit

  • High Command.
  • The High Council
    • Head Diplomat
    • Security
    • Disaster Planning (Regards to Zerouh)
    • Tactical Leader
    • The Administrator
  • The Low Council

How to sign up?Edit

  1. Message me on my Talk Page or on Silva's.
  2. Message me or Silver in-game.
  3. Email Silva at

Those are preferred ways.

Clan ActivitiesEdit

  • Clan Wars (P2P)
  • KBD Hunting
  • Castle wars (New and improved!)
  • Clan Pest control
  • Random clan made activities.
  • Skilling
  • And much more!


Current Alliances

  • Hopefully soon!

Pending AlliancesEdit

  • Hopefully soon!

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