Clan PKingEdit

Clan PKing is when you and your clan go into a PvP area and fight other clans or random players. This activity can be done in: Clan Wars; PvP Worlds; Soul Wars; Castle Wars; and Stealing Creation. Most Clan PKing is done in multi-combat areas, or places where multiple people can attack someone at the same time.

Clan PKing AreasEdit

Clan WarsEdit

Clan Wars is the most used place to Clan PK in RuneScape. A Clan has a choice of using the two Free For All Portals, or challenging other clans to a war and going into the Purple Portal.

Soul WarsEdit

Many clans PK in Soul Wars, however it isn't the sole purpose of the clan. They intend to either balance out the game or crash the game to insure a victory.

Castle WarsEdit

Clan PKing in Castle Wars is probably the most unheard of, but it is quite possible to do. The clan could either rush for the flag, defend the flag, or just go in and get some kills.

PvP WorldsEdit

This is the second place a person would think of to Clan PK. Clans can either rush other players, or fight other clans in the Wilderness. Even though it's dangerous, people still go in with their clan and fight.

Stealing CreationEdit

This is another unheard of way to Clan PK.Clans in Stealing Creation fight to stop the skillers from getting points, stop the enemy PKers from killing their skillers, or just go in to PK for the fun of it, without any real goal.

Team PKingEdit

Team PKing is when you go in with a small clan and fight other teams. A team usually consists of 2-5 people, and consist of barragers,meleers, rangers, hybrids, or a mix of them all.